EDTECH 541: Educational Technology Vision Statement

“It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.” (Gide, 2011)

Just as technology is always changing in new and unexpected ways, so must we as teachers be willing to change. We cannot just sit back, remain the same, and do the same thing every year. In addition, we cannot allow the use of technology to remain the same in our classrooms every year.  We must always be looking to see where we can go and what we can do with technology because what we are doing today is already outdated.

In the last ten years, technology has changed so much and has become so much easier to use that it is hard to think of how we lived life without it (Bellis, 2010). It will continue to change and as teachers, we must be ready and willing to use it in our classrooms so that our students will be able to get the most they can out of their learning career. The price of technology is also getting cheaper and cheaper all the time (Perry, 2010). It is now easier and cheaper than ever before to bring technology into the classroom.

 As a 21st century teacher, I will embrace all that technology has to offer. I will work to insure that technology used in my classroom will give my student the best learning experience possible. I will always remember that there is more that I can do in my class with technology because I will always be nowhere compared to where I can go.


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One response to “EDTECH 541: Educational Technology Vision Statement”

  1. Natalie Frasure says :

    I agreed with your comment that technology is becoming cheaper and cheaper. However, do you think the old thought that technology is expensive keeps districts from upgrading and increasing technology in schools?

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